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Wiele klipów na MTV zostało ocenzurowanych, wyemitowanych o późniejszych porach, zdjętych całkowicie z anteny, a niektóre
zostały zastąpione inną wersją. Teledyski zakazane na MTV zawierają odniesienia do narkotyków, seksu, broni, przemocy, homofobii, rasizmu i reklamy. 
Many music videos aired on the MTV channel were censored, moved to late night rotation, banned entirely from the channel, and some were replaced with a second version. Banned clips on MTV are contain references to: drugs, sex, weapons, violence, homophobia, racism and advertising.

W USA / In USA :

"18 and Life" (Skid Row) 
"45" (Shinedown)
"A Tout Le Monde" (Megadeth) 
"Agenda Suicide" (The Faint)
"Alejandro" (Lady Gaga)
"American Life" (Madonna) 
"Amsterdam" (Van Halen) 
"Arise" (Sepultura)
"Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon" (Marilyn Manson)
"Be Chrool to Your Scuel" (Twisted Sister)
"Blame It On Me" (George Ezra) 
"Body Language" (Queen) 
"Boiler" (Limp Bizkit)
"Born to Die" (Lana Del Rey)
"By The Time I Get To Arizona" (Public Enemy)
"California" (Wax) 
"Cat Pete Afternoon" (Patrick Johnson Five)
"Chris Benoit" (Insane Clown Posse) 
"Closer" (Nine Inch Nails) 
"Cocoon" (Björk)
"Coma White" (Marilyn Manson)
"Constance" (Mr. J. Medeiros)
"Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" (Sophie B. Hawkins) 
"Debbie Gibson is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child" (Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper)
"Erotica" (Madonna) 
"Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)" (Eamon) 
"Fuck You" (Cee Lo Green) 
"Geek Stink Breath" (Green Day) 
"Ghost Ride It" (Mistah F.A.B.)
"Girls, Girls, Girls" (Mötley Crüe)
"Girls on Film" (Duran Duran) 
"Happiness in Slavery" (Nine Inch Nails) 
"Hey, Mister" (Custom)
"Hot in the City" (Billy Idol)
"Hurricane" (Thirty Seconds to Mars)
"I Want to Break Free" (Queen)
"I'll Save You All My Kisses" (Dead or Alive)
"In My Darkest Hour" (Megadeth) 
"Janie's Got A Gun" (Aerosmith)
"Jeremy" (Pearl Jam) 
"Jesus Christ Pose" (Soundgarden)
"Justify My Love" (Madonna)
"Lacquer Head" (Primus)
"Low" (Foo Fighters)
"M+M's" (blink-182) –
"Madhouse" (Anthrax) 
"Nobody Knows Kelli" (Young Black Teenagers)
"Pagan Poetry" (Björk) 
"Prison Sex" (Tool) 
"Quote Unquote" (Mr. Bungle) 
"Reckoning Day" (Megadeth)
"Refuse/Resist" (Sepultura)r.
"Riptide" (Vance Joy) 
"S&M" (Rihanna)
"(s)AINT" (Marilyn Manson) 
"She" (Tyler the Creator)
"She's a Bitch" (Missy Elliott)
"Sinner" (Drowning Pool)
"Six, Six, Six" (DeGarmo and Key)
"Smack My Bitch Up" (The Prodigy) 
"Spit It Out" (Slipknot)
"Straight Outta Compton" (N.W.A.) 
"Sunshowers" (M.I.A.)
"Swing, Swing" (The All-American Rejects)
"The Final Solution: Slavery's Back in Effect" (Sister Souljah)
"The Hate that Hate Produced" (Sister Souljah)
"The Impaler" (Winds of Plague)
"The Ledge" (The Replacements)
"The Price of Beauty" (Suicide Silence)
"This Note's For You" (Neil Young) 
"Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)" (Enrique Iglesias) 
"Tormented Mind" (Burning Human)
"Worlock" (Skinny Puppy) 
"What It Feels Like for a Girl" (Madonna)
"Wild Night Tonight" (Skafish)
"Wish You Were Here" (Incubus) – replaced by a second version
"War All the Time" (Thursday)
"You're All I Need" (Mötley Crüe)
"You Are What You Is" (Frank Zappa)

W Europie / In Europe:

"Bombs" (Faithless)
"Bück dich" (Rammstein)
"My Favourite Game" (The Cardigans)
"The Way" (Ariana Grande) 
"Love Me Harder" (Ariana Grande)

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